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Premier Exploration and Production, finding oil and gas in the Wilcox and Yegua zones

Premier E&P, LLC conducts contract exploration identifying, mapping, and leasing prospects for funding parties.

Past Success as a Model for the Future

Beginning in late 1992 the principals of Premier invested their time and capital mapping atmospheric seepage in several basins in the United States. One of these was a research survey of Wharton County, Texas. Premier mapped 450,000 acres and identified 55 areas of seepage. There were twenty-two (22) seepage anomalies associated with production.  In April of 2003, after having studied the area for 11 years, Premier concluded that forty (40) anomalies were most likely related to leaking hydrocarbons.

From 1992 to 2003 eight (8) seepage areas had been drilled by industry proving they were above hydrocarbon accumulations as Premier interpreted. There were still thirteen (13) undrilled with targets being either Yegua or Wilcox and eight (8) that had both Yegua and Wilcox as targets.  Below are some examples of  undrilled anomalies and drilled discoveries with their corresponding production.

Seepage Discoveries Between 1992 and 2006

       Field                    Discovery    Production          # wells         Cumulative
       Name                   Year             Zone                                        Production
# 2  Bonus SW          1996            Wicox 11500     50          95 BCF/3000MBO
#11 Riverbend           2004            Yegua 7400         3       .850 BCF/11    MBO
#12 Jones Creek      1996            Wilcox 11500       9          25 BCF/1400MBO
#15 Shanghaied E.   2003            Yegua 8600          1       .357 BCF/4      MBO
#16 Phase Four        1996            Yegua 8600          2            5 BCF/62    MBO
#19 Black Owl           2005            Yegua 8900          1         2.2 BCF/159  MBO
TOTAL                                                                                    128 BCF/4.6 MMBO 

Recently Drilled
#18 Leslie                 2006            Yegua 8750          1     1.2 MMCF/d 11BC/d




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