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Thomas C. Bailey: Thirty-eight years experience in Oil and Gas exploration in the United States and overseas as a technical person and a manager with Amoco. Mr. Bailey’s technical experience has ranged from Pre-Cambrian to the Oligocene, from compressional to extensional tectonics and from structural to stratigraphic traps. The last six years at Amoco were spent as Manager of Geological Services, then as world-wide Manager of Geological Technical Services and the Chairman of the Surface Prospecting Task Force evaluating existing and developing new tools for seepage mapping.

James M. Grubb:  Thirty six years experience throughout the Gulf Coast of Texas, generating prospects and drilling and developing hydrocarbons. He spent six years mapping the geology and applying atmospheric seepage anomalies to hydrocarbon traps in Wharton, Jackson and Fort Bend Counties. His specialty is a study of the stratigraphy of the Wilcox and Yegua section though out the Gulf Coast of Texas. His major focus is depositional environments and structural style for these sections. His studies lead to the discovery of Rich Hurt Field and Guerra Field in Duval County and Cooley Field in Fort Bend County. He spent two years studying electrical and geochemical surface technology as it applies to exploration in geothermal areas of the Western United States.




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