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ASA Example

The following is an example of an Airborne Seepage Anomaly (ASA)

Pickett's Ridge

In 1992 Premierís survey identified Pickettís Ridge, a 200-acre ASA (Fig. 1.).  The ASA was an elongate anomaly with the Energy Development #1 Barr, completed in 1991 producing 1.2 MMCFPD and 23 BOPD from the Yegua.  In 1996, after five years of production, the #1 Barr well went off production.  Premier resurveyed the area in 1998 to see what happened to the ASA.


Premier survey found that the ASA was absent around the #1 Barr but was still present to the northeast (Fig. 2.).  Premier interpreted this to mean hydrocarbons were still trapped and had not been drained y the #1 Barr.  In 2003, Patterson Petroleum drilled this ASA and made a completion in a different Yegua sand than the #1 Barr at a rate of 1.5 MMCFPD and 325 BOPD.  Pattersonís well confirmed Premierís interpretation of hydrocarbons still trapped and demonstrated the ASA was actually a result of two sands.  



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